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naOmijOnes flower studio is one of Sydney's finest florists. We provide floral styling for many high profile clients and offer a personalised service as a leading corporate florist in Sydney as well as a specialist wedding and event florist. We help ensure each occasion, whether large or small, is memorable. Let our team of executive florists create beautiful flowers for you.

If you would like to inquire about our floral design services for your business, for an event or for your wedding, please send us an email to Alternatively, please give Sandy Horton a call on 02 9436 0001. We would be pleased to meet with you and discuss how we can help bring your brand, your love or your event to life with flowers.


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Specialist Corporate, Wedding, and Event Florist

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Corporate, Event and Wedding Flower Trends in Sydney

Q&A with Sandy Horton, the owner of Naomi Jones Flower Studio

Q: What are the main trends you are seeing in flower design at the moment?

Sandy: For some time now an organic and unstructured approach has been very popular and it’s no wonder because this look is just beautiful. Think of picking wild flowers from a field and arranging them in the kitchen in your country home. It’s colourful and quite romantic.

Q: How have people’s attitudes to flowers changed?

Sandy: Many of our corporate clients see the flowers we provide as a reflection of their brand to their own customers and their staff. They have the highest expectations and we work incredibly hard to meet and exceed these expectations every time.

Q: What do you love about working as a florist in Sydney?

Sandy: I especially love working on events and in particular weddings and also corporate product launches and staff events. I am always amazed about the superb event venues we have here in Sydney and I really enjoy that we get to style them with flowers. My favourite venues are those on the water that really showcase our harbour.

Q: What makes working on wedding flowers so special?

Sandy: It’s the way it all comes together to create such an emotional occasion: the way the couple wants to experience the day, the design of the dresses, the meaning of the ceremony, the actual reception and of course the flowers help bring it all to life. Who does not love a great occasion?

Q: How are the flowers you deliver different to those provided by the big online flower delivery chains?

Sandy: Our florists in our retail boutique in Crows Nest genuinely craft every bouquet that is ordered online to make it uniquely beautiful. This includes the flowers, the arrangement and the way it’s wrapped. We do not work off a picture menu of flower arrangements.

Q: How do you source your flowers?

Sandy: We are lucky we have access to the widest variety and highest quality of flowers. There are absolutely superb local growers around Sydney and from the other states and despite all the global competition, Australia grows a huge variety of stunning flowers. And because of Sydney international airport, we have access to amazing flowers from Europe, Africa, Asia and South America year round.

Floral styling to bring your brand, your love, your event to life

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